The most beautyfull woman is a man

An attempt at a deffinition


They are neither male nor female, but both. "Ladyboy" otherness are called it, firmly anchored in Thailand's culture. As dazzling mythical creatures they outshine Bangkok Nights


When the day ends, they come out of their crates. With white powdered faces, dangling bag. On high heels, unsure yet, they feel their way through the stairwells to the outside, blinking in the headlights of cars. Narrow silhouettes that run against the current, to the center of the city, just get away from all. Essence of Twilight: neither male nor female, but both converted by hormones to hermaphrodites, ladyboys.


Kathoey call the Thais, "otherness" - which does not carry the stigma of outcast in Buddhist Thailand and take centuries its own place in the social weave: as buffoons and empathetic listener, donating as pleasure third sex. in Bangkok alone live more than a thousand of them. Ladyboys are often prostitutes, mistresses of the mask image and beauty queens, some also sit behind the supermarket checkout, the teacher's desk or teller.


Your frequently changing names they invented themselves, there are long names, as well as its existence has something unreal. Phak Bung about, "watercress" to grow their character as the plant appears; or Khai Muk, "pearl oysters", with its round scars studded face. In the semidarkness of the two peripheral walk with her girlfriends Pong and Haeng, "Heaps" and "dry Dürr", puddles and folded stalls over, rushing grumbling to the bus. Once again, the eternal lilting watercress had forgotten the time when she is after a long sleep tugged telltale hairs of chin and cheeks.